The Book of The Quota

Avalon larp studio and Carcosa Dreams are delighted to announce the publication of “The Book of The Quota” a set of essays and ephemera from the 2018 larp about refugees. Edited by Elina Gouliou and published by Wychwood Chase in London, all profits from the book will be donated to the Refugee Council who were our charity partner for the larp. Available for purchase here

The Peckforton Papers

The Peckforton Papers is a collection of essays about live action role-playing in the UK written by larp organisers, players, and writers and covering a range of topics.  It is available via Lulu as a non-profit paperback (all costs are for production and printing of the book) or as a free PDF from Wychwood End.

The Free PDF of The Peckforton Papers has a choice of two covers.  Shown above and below:


The Witchard's Almanack

The Witchard's Almanack was created in 2017 as a companion to the larp, College of Wizardry.  An updated and expanded 2020/21 edition will be launched by Company P as a part of the Save College of Wizardry campaign.