Our submission window is currently open to accept unsolicited material. If you have written something you would like to submit to us, first of all please read our our criteria below. Every submission will be carefully considered by our editorial team, but we’d ask you to only submit your work if it fits in with the following guidelines!



What we publish:


  • Books about live action role-playing
  • Live action role-playing games and scenarios


If you have something you would like to send to us, please start by sending us a brief email that introduces the book or the larp or the idea.  This does not need to be a formal pitch or proposal, just a few  sentences that tells us what you have written.  If we like your idea, then we'll ask you for some more information. Please note that we cannot give individual feedback or editorial guidance on ideas or submissions that are unsuccessful.

If we ask you to send a full manuscript of your project, please ensure all files are Microsoft Word or PDF file format (.doc, .docx or .pdf)


If we do accept your work for publication we will discuss royalties on a case by case basis.  Please note that many of our projects  are not for profit — that means we don't get paid and neither do the writers — but for the right projects we will agree terms prior to publication.


At this time we only accept work for publication in English.

In order to submit an idea or proposal, please visit the Contact page.