Wychwood Chase is our Real World publishing imprint that makes real books out of paper that you can hold in your hand and read.  We love books, and think that the printed word is beautiful and magical and should be treasured.

We use a print on demand service for our books, this means that it will take a few days for anything you order to be printed before it is despatched.  You can order our titles from your local bookshop, or via online services like Amazon, but again it is unlikely they will have the items in stock and you will have to wait.

You can support us and our projects by ordering books directly from us.  In order to keep our prices low, we accrue zero profits and royalties on books sold via third parties.  Even then, some of our titles are sold "at cost" which means that all the money is spent on the production and printing of the book rather than as a profit making venture.

Wychwood End is an online publishing imprint that makes books and games available as PDF or other electronic formats.

Many of our titles are available as free downloads, but we charge a small fee for others as we'd like to offer royalties to our writers where possible.